For YEARS I would tell myself every December, “Next year is my year to get in shape!” I would maybe be dedicated for a few days or weeks, but my endeavors to change my lifestyle barely extended past a month. I think you wait until a new year, new month, or next Monday to attempt to change your lifestyle because something about fresh starts seems to make more sense with a beginning. But the problem with that mentality is it creates negative habits of waiting, hesitation, and procrastination. That new month or year or Monday will pass and you keep making excuses as to why you didn’t start. Sound familiar? Changing your lifestyle is hard work and if you keep waiting until you are ready, you will always be waiting because you are never truly ready for the work that comes with changing your lifestyle. You often never begin because it seems daunting or you need to know the “secrets” or all the answers on “how to” begin. Im here to tell you there are no secrets or how to’s. All you can do is JUST START and figure it out as you go and grow, learn, and evolve along the way.

You do not need 2018 to start. The goal of this challenge is to get you out of the habit of putting off changing your life for the better! Are you ready to GLOW GIRL? Because I am so happy and excited to be a part of your journey to help you see the beautiful light withIN you <3


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