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Plankingforpizza is about searching for what ignites my inner being, creating balance within my mind, and finding what sets my soul on fire all through living a healthy and active lifestyle. My mission to self discovery began June 1, 2015 after I had a picture taken of myself and was shocked by what I saw. I remember telling my roommate, “I look like a beached whale!” She replied with, “You do not look like a beached whale. You just do not see yourself the way the rest of the world sees you”. It was in that moment something clicked. I was finally ready to make a change and decided to choose self love! I was in the middle of coming out of what I call my quarter life crisis and was very much in a transition period at the time. I decided I was finally going to put all my effort into myself and focus on improving my mental and physical health. The best way I can describe the time since this day is like a butterfly moment, a time of beautiful emergence and transformation. I have grown in so many ways. I have learned a lot about myself with physical, as well as mental, capabilities. Unexpectedly, I have gained indescribable friendships. But mostly I have learned to love myself as I am today while working towards a happier and more fulfilled tomorrow.

Plankingforpizza is not a hobby. It is my exploration on how to live my life both passionately and full of meaning! I hope to share tips, influences, motivation, advice, opinion, and mindful thoughts that I have developed, learned, and aided me on my fitness journey. I hope this in turn can help you on your own pursuit towards mental and physical health, happiness, and awareness. My story and thoughts are broken up into four categories: nourish the mind, nourish the heart, nourish the body, and nourish the soul. Nourish has many meanings but I believe all are applicable to living a wholesome, mindful, healthy life. To nourish means (according to dictionary.com):

  1. to sustain with food or nutriment; supply with what is necessary forlife, health, and growth.
  2. to cherish, foster, keep alive, etc.:
  3. to strengthen, build up, or promote:

My hope is that my story and thoughts bring nourishment to your minds, hearts, bodies, and souls. This nourishment goes far beyond simply eating right and exercising for our bodies. We nourish our minds, hearts and souls as well. We strengthen our minds and hearts so that we can appreciate and accept our souls, our true inner being. We must feed these entities with positive thinking, emotional understanding, and recognition of mindful awareness and acceptance. I believe in order to accomplish full nourishment, our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits must be in balance. It is this balance that leads to internal peace.

Thank you for following along on my journey to finding and sustaining this nourished, balanced, and peaceful inner being. Welcome to a slice of my life!

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Photo on the left was taken May 24, 2015. It was the photo that inspired my exploration to creating inner peace and ultimately finding self love. Photo on the right was taken more recently, about 8 months into my fitness journey.