I love being able to help other young girls and women on their health and fitness journeys by sharing my advice, tips, lessons learned, and thoughts about living a healthy and happy life. I often get many of the same questions so the following are the answers to my most common questions:

This is probably my most common question: where do you get your athletic attire? I would say 99% of all my sports bras are Victoria’s Secret Sport. Being a little larger chested, I need the support their bras provide. Plus they are comfortable and do not give a dreaded uni-boob (insert laughing emoji here lol). They are definitely flattering and fashionable, which I am sure many women do not care about while working out, but for me it is about support and these provide the best for me. I also love Victoria’s Secret Sport Knockout pants. Whenever you see the logo VSX on my clothes, that is for Victoria’s Secret Sport. Tops I am least picky about. I prefer tanks and I have so many from all over. This all being said though, there are TONS of athletic brands available out there! This is the one I love most but it is certainly not the only one or necessarily best one for you!

What does BBG stand for? The Bikini Body Guide, or BBG for short, is the program I have been following since June 1, 2015. It was created by Australian trainer, Kayla Itsines.

How does BBG work? There are several different ways to make BBG “work”. It can be done at home or at a gym! It does require a little equipment (dumbbells, kettle bells, benches, medicine ball, jumprope, etc.) but with a little creativity, you CAN make it work anywhere. It is this flexibility that made me fall in love with the program. There are two guides, BBG1.0 and BBG 2.0, that are available in PDF format. OR you can purchase Kayla’s new Sweat with Kayla app and have access to BBG1.0, BBG2.0, and now BBG3.0 that continuously evolves as you move further along in the program! A BBG workout is broken down into two circuits: circuit one and circuit two. Each circuit has four different exercises (mostly plyometric based) and is performed for 7 minutes each then repeated for a total of 28 mins. Yes you really can make changes to your body with only 30 minute training sessions three days a week. But on non-resistance days, you must do cardio in forms of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) and incorporate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). You cannot rely on the resistance alone. So yes this means working out six days a week.

How many times do you get through the circuits? I am not sure where the idea that you had to get through the circuits “X” amount of times stems from. For my first seven weeks I did NOT time my workouts. I too strived to the first circuit twice through before moving onto the second. Then I would do the same for the second circuit before repeating both circuits. Some days it would take me close to an hour to do a BBG workout when they should only take 30 minutes. It was not until my first Orlando BBG meet-up that I realized the value and importance of timing my workouts. I really pushed myself harder to get through the circuits. This being said though, with timing my workouts I work HARDER not FASTER. So some workouts I get through twice, other times it is once and maybe a half, and then many times I don’t even get through one circuit all the way through in the seven minutes! When this happens though, I press pause and continue until I at least complete the circuit once through, which on occasion, means taking 10 minutes to complete one circuit. Long story short, you do NOT have to get through the circuits “X” amount of times. Simply do the best you can in the moment for that day, and be happy with the fact that you got tried and got your sweat on!

I just completed my first day and I am SO SORE. Did you experience this and how to you prevent it? I do not get sore often. However, after my first BBG workout, I definitely was sore! I am not sure there is anyway to effectively prevent soreness, but I do know it is KEY to warmup and cool down. I do either five mins on the elliptical or treadmill for a warm up. Or I do a more dynamic warm up with five different exercises for 30 seconds each for a total of five minutes (an example is: jumping jacks, squats, side lunges, pushups, ab bikes). The Sweat with Kayla app has an awesome built in cool down feature that automatically plays after you complete a workout. I will admit I am terrible at following this, but it is imperative to do if you do not want to be so sore you cannot walk or lift your arms the next day. Foam rolling (something I also am terrible at doing) is a great way to help with muscle soreness.

Did you do anything prior to BBG? Where you in shape to begin with? I was the most out of shape I have ever been prior to beginning BBG. I have an athletic background, but I had not stepped inside a gym for probably a year before starting BBG. I was a gymnast, cheerleader, and swimmer in my pre college days, but all my training was lead by a coach. When it comes to living an active lifestyle, how do you train or exercise effectively without a coach?? This was my biggest struggle. I would walk into my gym and spend an hour doing cardio and play around with weights, but it was not effective because I was doing a lot of guessing. BBG was perfect for me because it provided the structure and organization I needed to have an effective and purposeful gym session.

Do you do anything else with BBG? The biggest reason why I LOVE BBG and the reason why I believe it works for me is because it is organized and structured. There is NO guess work to your workouts and you always know exactly what you need to do. However, I used to lift weights about a year before starting BBG. I have been missing it lately and have slowly started adding in a few weight sessions in each week. This is a very recent addition. I did probably seven and a half months of just BBG before adding in weights.

What do you do for LISS/ HIIT? In the beginning I would do LISS by either walking my dog or mowing my lawn haha. Now I do either the stair master for 30 minutes or I walk on a treadmill at 3.0 MPH at a 15% incline for 30-45 minutes. I am not a fan of running… in general.. so sprints on a treadmill are just not for me. I either create a HIIT of my own or follow a HIIT off Pinterest. I will do a whole separate post on how to create a HIIT workout for yourself (it will be under the category nourish your body).

Do you have to eat clean? Clean eating is different for everyone. For me it means more wholesome and fresh foods and less frozen and processed foods. However, it is difficult for me to eat this way all the time, so I simply do my best. But if you want to see and make changes you MUST change your diet. Exercising alone is not enough.

What fitness training watch do you use? I use the PolarA360 and I LOVE it! I admire the modern look and touch screen technology. It does not require the chest strap to monitor your heart rate which I prefer. Many have asked me if this makes in accurate. I am not sure just how accurate or inaccurate it is, but I trust it and use it as a base for my workouts. I mostly use it and prefer it for style more than anything.

Can you train me or help me lose weight? Sadly I am not a nutritionist or personal trainer. I cannot give guidance on how to lose weight through exercise or tell you what to eat. I am simply a regular girl on my own fitness journey sharing my personal successes and failures along the way.