Below are some of my top recommendations on fitness, health, and beauty products I use regularly or daily that help me stay on track fitness wise, or help me feel comfortable and confident in my own skin 😉


Polar A360- I use this fitness tracker DAILY! I love the modern, clean, simple, easy to use style and it helps me reach my daily activity goals.


Sliders- These are hands down one of my favorite exercise tools I use to do challenging core work as well as sliding lunges. They really keep my muscles engaged and I use them in some fashion pretty much every workout.

Resistance Bands- If you haven’t gotten on the resistance band wagon, what are you waiting for?! These seriously are a great tool to have. I use them for leg/ booty days as well as some upper body conditioning. Very versatile tool to have in your gym bag!

These are awesome to help with pull up practice and assistance!

Slingshot brand is AWESOME for glute/ hip activation, warm ups and strengthening!








Mini bands are awesome for leg and booty work! I use them for glute activation as well as adding challenge to hip thrusts and jump or static squats!

Parallette Bars- You may have seen some videos on my Instagram with me using these! I love parallette bars because they are a great tool to help build core strength! But these are definitely not for beginners 😉

Battle Ropes- Ok, so this may seem a bit weird, but I do own and have a pair of battle ropes at home! But these are a fabulous tool to help burn out the arms as well as do many different compound movements that really get the heart rate pumping! You obviously need the space for them, but I use  a cinder block to loop them through and use them outside: Florida heat + intense burn = awesome workout!




Getting an anchor to attach to a post or something outside is a preferred way to use your battle ropes!




Wireless Headphones- I worked out for almost a whole year with my i-pod attached to my headphones  while being tucked into my pants hahaha! When I discovered wireless headphones it was a GAME CHANGER! I have been using my JLB wireless headphones for over a year now and I absolutely LOVE them. In fact, I use them so much it is almost time for a new pair lol!


I have also used Platronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and would recommend these as well!

Adidas Ultra Boost- These shoes are like walking on a cloud! I haven’t always had the best luck with foot wear, but when I first found and tried these I was SO excited to have finally found “the one” (kind of like Cinderella’s glass slipper hahaha)! These really are such a comfortable (and stylish) shoe and I would own them in every color if I could!

Handful Bra- I have not mentioned this brand much on Instagram, but I LOVE these bras. They are seriously SO comfortable (I even may like them a little more than Victoria’s Secret but shhh don’t tell anyone haha). Ok well I do still love my VSX bras because those are great for my usual, high impact workouts. But I really like Handful Bras for lighter activity and honestly lounging around. They are really light weight, yet supportive and comfy and don’t give you a dreaded uni-boob lol!

Water Bottle Tracker- Yes this is a shameless plug 😉 to my water bottle vinyl trackers! I am terrible about getting enough water in, but this really helps me stay on track. I cannot stress enough how important water is especially to your health and fitness goals. I once read that water is a natural fat burner and it instantly inspired me to drink more haha! And I must say, when I am diligent and getting my 3L of water in a day, I definitely notice a difference in how I feel!









I recommend pairing it with a Camelbak Chute 1.5L bottle to help you get your 3L of water a day!


Nutri Ninja Bullet- I have tried many different personal smoothie makers but nothing compares to this one! It is WELL worth the price because my smoothies always come out smooth and blended with no chunks left over. It also blends leafy greens really well!

Meal Prep Containers- These are not the exact brand I have, but I highly suggest a meal prep container! I use a similar 2 compartment meal prep container weekly for prepped pancakes and veggie sausage or wraps and a side of fruit/ veggies or they can be used for a grain and tofu (or other fake meat) dish with a side of veggies!

Food Scale- If you want to be serious about macro counting, I hate to break it to ya, but you need a food scale. I use mine every. single. day!

Protein Powder- So I don’t use a lot of supplements, but I always have protein powder on hand. For my complete list of my top 50 vegetarian/ plant based protein sources, click here. Below are my favorite protein powders! Click the image for direct link to Amazon 🙂










The white chocolate mint flavor is AMAZING!

Passion Planner- Mental health is very much something I am both passionate about and a huge supporter of. I think breaking the stigma and being open about mental health awareness is so important for healing of individuals struggling with various mental health disorders. I easily get overwhelmed and suffer from anxiety, and staying mentally organized is one of the most important things I have found to help keep the overwhelmed and anxious thoughts at ease. I have been using my Passion Planner for awhile now and it really helps me stay focused on my life goals and all    my different thoughts and projects organized!


It Cosmetics CC Cream- I get several compliments on my skin and I wanted to share my best kept secret haha! This is my favorite foundation base. I use it daily and I find it covers my acne well and evenly smoothes out my skin tone. I love that it has 50SPF too because living in Florida (or really anywhere!), sun protection is key!

Jane Iredale Loose Mineral Powder- I use this powder on top of the CC cream. Any lose powder will do, but a top coat is necessary because the CC cream makes you look shiny lol and a powder removes the shine and adds a final touch. This is my preferred choice in powder though!

Cane and Austin Retexturizing Lotion- When I posted about my bacne issue, I got TONS of suggestions. I went to Sephora to check out some of the suggested products, but one of the sale’s associates suggested this product because it was less drying and intense to the skin compared to Murad products (what I was looking at) and also cheaper! I don’t use it every day and I apply it to my dry skin and let it sit for a minute before getting in the shower to rinse it off. It hasn’t “cured” my acne, but it definitely keeps it calm. It also helps reduce the redness and has cleared up some of my old red acne scars. It leaves my skin really soft too! I wouldn’t say this is the best acne product, but I do really like this!


Aztec Clay Mask- I don’t have the best skin care routine (working on it lol) and I definitely am not the most beauty product savvy person, but I will say, when it comes to face masks, this one is amazing! I usually do the suggested and mix with Apple Cider Vinegar. Leaves my face so soft and smooth!


Differen Gel- GUYS!! I was randomly searching the inter web late one night and stumbled upon Differen Gel and I freaked! Why? Because I thought this was a prescription only acne treatment. I lived off Differen when I was younger and in my awkward teenage years it always helped reduce redness and shortened the life of my teenage acne. So I instantly bought it and love having this in my life again!


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